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Game of Ladies (part 2)

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thought that was a bowl of cookies and cream ice cream my bad

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I was driving down the 134 on my way home from Warner Bros Records, and I noticed that the weight of The Beetle was unbalanced, not dangerously so but more than noticeably so. 

I realized this was because my car was full of mail addressed to me c/o WBR. Full. And as I struggled (only in the smallest way) to keep the car centered passing a semi I thought, “What an incredible problem to have”.


About a year ago I put up an address to a P.O. Box at my local post office in Tarzana. This quickly became such an inconvenience for the post office, such a hassle for them- that I had to close the box. This slowed up the reading process, as all of the mail would now go to WBR, which at the time was fairly far from me. But thankfully, because an amazing individual at Warners keeps it for me safe and sound, I am able to occasionally pick up and go through the mail.


I don’t talk about it much, because to me, it is an incredibly personal thing between author (you) and reader (me). But as long as it didn’t get sent back to you, I have read it or will read it if I haven’t already. What I will say about them is the amount of gratitude, connection, courage, and positivity contained within them is staggering. Another reminder that what I am living is in fact dreamlike. And I thank you for everything, for letting me know what music can do for people. You are all proof against the dismantling the arts, especially since the creativity and talent contained within the mail is as massive as their volume.  Also, they helped me a great deal, possibly more than some of you feel I helped you.


And though being able to send something back seems even more impossible than it did in the early months of the process, what I can do is “send something back” by always following my heart in the art I make, and never letting fear get in the way of that. And I hope that matches the sincerity of the letters themselves. 


Thank you, and I look forward to hearing from you.


Warner Bros Records

c/o Gerard Way

3300 Warner Blvd,

Burbank, CA


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2,000 posts!

It’s sort of Mumford & Sons with a whiff of Gary Barlow.
Not that that’s a bad thing.
Graham Norton (via crayolagron)
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gaaaaaaaahhsgdfjafa i reallyreallyyyy like maltas song

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ah malta are so cute
i cant even tell why
they just are

Thank you and yes we are extremely cute

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Eurovision Song Contest Austria 2014 
Conchita Wurst | Rise Like A Phoenix (x)

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Song: No Prejudice
Artist: Pollapönk
Album: Eurovision Song Contest Copenhagen 2014


Let’s do away with prejudice
Don’t discriminate, tolerance is bliss
We got to get together on this
Cross this problem off our list
I may stutter when I speak
(but) you don’t need to call me freak
It’s not trigonometry
Inside we’re the same

No Prejudice, Pollapönk

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Hide and seek.

I lost my shit at the one behind the couch pillow.

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